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Alice was competent, knowledgeable, and very helpful with both additional suggestions and honesty about what did and didn’t need to be done. Scheduling both the estimate and the work itself was easy. Highly, highly recommended, particularly if you don’t know much about trees! – S. Raspet

I am writing to express our appreciation of the work done in removing our neighbors large pin oak that overhung our property yesterday. Your crew under Tyrone D’Souza and the crane contractor worked with total co-ordination and skill, showing great care for our property. The crane operator was a real pro. I spent the last 31 years of my career managing property maintenance and it was a joy to witness your team in action, for the area they had to work in was very tight and congested, yet they completed the work with no damage and left the site looking cleaner than when they arrived. We will have no hesitation in recommending your company and thank you all for a difficult job well done. — P. Turner

When Ed’s crew does the job, it always goes well. They arrived on time and were very competent and professional in the way that they did the work. They are easy to talk to, and they take care to do everything correctly and to clean up after the job is done. — H.Marsh

I liked working with a woman. Alice came out to estimate and it was clear she had a great deal of experience. She spoke frankly and offered a great price.

We used Ed’s Tree Service after a major storm. Alice came out promptly to give an estimate and was very helpful in my dealings with my insurance company. Kathy and Laura in the office were a pleasure to deal with. I’ll use them again. — D. Schloss

When a tree fell on my house the only people I trusted to remove it were the crew at Ed’s Tree Service. – R. Homug

I’ve been a customer of Ed’s Tree Service for the last 20 years. They offer professional as well as personalized services. They have great communication skills, highly trained employees, and very knowledgeable consultants.

Ed’s Tree Service will be highly recommended by me to anyone that needs tree work. I can’t say enough about your great customer service. –B. Luers

I am writing to compliment the employees of Ed’s Tree Service for a job very well done. Your crew arrived on time, went straight to work and within an hour, a very large job was done, done well and cleaned up. Where once a large, not-so-pretty Holly stood, there now sits a small pile of mulch. Our property line Maple is trimmed safely away from the power and communications lines and the low limbs in our backyard are gone. The men who made this happen were very friendly, efficient and professional. I could not have asked for a better crew. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs a tree service and I will certainly be a repeat customer when I find myself in need of professional tree wranglers. – P. Richardson

The guys who came to our house were all very courteous and did an excellent job trimming the trees. Everything looks great. I wish I had contacted you much sooner so that we could enjoy the openness of the yards as much as the new owners will. – J. Capozzi

The service provided by Ed’s Tree Service and their price was a quality one. We will contact them again for additional work.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the outstanding service provided by your staff. The guys worked together very well as a team to successfully cut down and remove 4 large Pine trees that were leaning over a neighbor’s shed and greenhouse. The trees were located in an area that was difficult to access. I was very impressed with their ability to evaluate the situation and then carefully take the trees down in sections to avoid any contact with the neighbor’s property. They were equally careful hauling the branches from the site to the truck without harming any of the flower beds and then cleaned up the entire area after completing the project. They exhibited a courteous, professional attitude along with a commitment to customer satisfaction. – D. Pfeiffer

Ed’s Tree Service was fantastic. They were on time, very courteous and ¼ of the price as the other companies I looked into.

Tony and the crew did a great job! I can’t believe how open and light filled the backyard is now that all the trees are trimmed. One of my favorite things is how they trimmed the tall evergreens on my property line. The bottom branches were so ugly before! – P. Powley

Your crew, led by Tyrone D’Souza, came to my father’s house to remove a tree that had fallen from a neighbor’s yard onto the house. It appeared to me to be a very difficult job with the potential for much more damage than was caused by the original falling of the tree. Tyrone was very professional and took the time to explain to me what he was going to do and kept me informed during the whole process. The tree was removed with the assistance of a crane that was guided by Tyrone with very little additional damage, even though he warned us of a serious problem of the tree shifting and rolling as it was lifted off the house. He said he would do the best he can to avoid damage and I believe he did an outstanding job. Ed’s Tree Service should be very proud to have a crew and crew leader that can go into the field and present your company in such a positive manner. – J. Fitzgerald