Tree Fertilization

Why You Should Feed Your Trees:

The care and feeding of trees is a new subject to many of our customers, and as tree experts we want you to understand all its benefits.

Micronutrients are essential to avoid malnourished trees. In populated areas, trees must contend with pollution and soil depletion over the course of their long lives and fertilization can give them a much-needed boost.

Mauget Tree Injection Fertilization Process

We recommend the Mauget Tree Injection Process to ensure that your trees have adequate micronutrients to stay healthy and strong. The liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the sap wood at the base of your tree. We use a Stemix micro-injector to deliver a mineral formula designed to stimulate growth of the tree foliage, trunk, and root system.

We drill a small hole (only 3/16 of an inch in diameter and no deeper than ¾ of an inch) every 6 inches around the base of the tree to insert the fertilizer capsules. Because the puncture wounds are tiny, the tree recovers quickly and the nutrients are efficiently absorbed into the tree’s sap stream and circulated throughout the tree. We recommend watering the tree when it is injected to help the process along.

Are you interested in fertilizing your trees?

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