Chevy Chase Professional Ash Tree Removal

Infected Ash Tree Removal CompanyIn order to contain the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle infestation that is plaguing cities in the DC metro area, the USDA has issued regulations for ash tree removal. 

The easiest way to comply with these regulations is to hire a licensed and insured Chevy Chase ash tree removal company like Ed’s Tree Service.

Ash Tree Removal in the News

The ash tree was first detected in Maryland in 2003. The Washington Post reports that: “there was a valiant attempt” to check it, said Patrick Harwood, an urban forester with the Montgomery County Department of Parks. “But we had so little knowledge about the insect.”

According to the latest count, the pest is found in 33 states, District and three Canadian provinces.

Read more about the effect, here.

Signs You Need Professional Ash Tree Removal in Chevy Chase 

You should have your ash tree professionally removed if you’re seeing the following symptoms to stop the spread and ensure you abide by the quarantine and removal regulations:

  • Beginning at the top of the canopy, a tree starts to show dead branches
  • New branches and leaves growing at the base of the tree, or around the trunk
  • Vertical bark splits, under which you may be able to see the beetle larvae
  • Woodpecker feeding
  • D-shaped holes in the tree bark, from where the larvae emerge
  • S-shaped larvae galleries on the tree bark from larvae feeding

If you think your ash trees may be infected, don’t delay. Contact Ed’s tree service for your Chevy Chase ash tree removal needs.








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