Is Your Tree Dying? Hire A Professional Gaithersburg, MD Tree Removal Company

Gaithersburg, MD Tree Removal CompanyIt can be difficult and dangerous to remove your tree by yourself. Be sure to protect your property and yourself from the dangers of tree removal by hiring a professional Gaithersburg, MD tree removal company. Our experts have over 30 years of experience and can help you safely assess and remove any dead or dying trees on your property. 

Do I Need a Tree Removal Company in Gaithersburg, MD?

There are several symptoms of sickness in trees that you can watch for. Then, you will need to call a professional tree removal company to help diagnose and map out a solution to help your property. Dead or dying trees may display one or some of these common symptoms:

  • Decay: While this is hard to spot because decay usually is on the inside of the tree, you can look out for some visible symptoms such as mushroom-like spores, dead branches and soft, breakable wood.
  • Poor Structure: If a tree is leaning towards one side or is oddly misshapen, this can be a result of a storm or poor pruning. It’s very important to remove the tree before it falls on your property.
  • Cankers: This refers to the dead bark on your tree. Typically caused by bacteria or fungi, it is cause by stress. Often times this can be pruned off the tree but an expert will be able to properly assess this.
  • Deadwood: Deadwood is usually easy to break and dry wood that is dead. While it is not uncommon to see this on mature trees, you will want a professional company to examine the tree and its surrounding area to determine if the tree is at risk.

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If Your Tree is Dead or Dying, Consult A Licensed and Insured Gaithersburg, MD Tree Removal Company.

Tree protection is an important part of arbor care, and extensive expertise is required to safely remove trees that pose problems for your property. It is important to ensure that whoever you hire will properly meet your needs.

Even if you aren’t sure if your trees are displaying these symptoms, we encourage people to allow us to scan your property for potential threats. Illnesses can potentially affect other trees on your property, and we can also analyze any branches or trees that can cause further damage to your property so that we can remove the tree before it becomes a problem. 

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