Rockville Tree Removal Company

Do you need a tree removed? It is important to find a licensed and insured Rockville tree removal company. 

Removing trees can be a complicated process and mistakes are costly, so it is important to find a licensed and insured Rockville tree removal company, like Ed’s Tree Service, that has the experience you need to get the job done right. y

Inspecting your trees in Rockville for distress:

  1. Start your inspection at the base of the trunk and work your way up to the top: Soil heave- the upwards swelling of soil- is the first thing to look for at the bottom of the trunk and beneath the canopy
  2. Look at the base of the trunk: Do you notice decay-producing fungi such as mushrooms, beginning to grow?
  3. On the tree trunk: Do you see any cracks in the bark or notice the bark peeling back?
  4. Further up the trunk: You might notice tree holes or semi-enclosed cavities in the trunk
  5. When you reach the scaffold branches: The primary limbs which form the beginning of the tree’s canopy may have tree holes
  6. Looking at the top of the canopy: There may be dead or hanging branches in the upper crown (the leafy branches that make up the top part of the canopy)


When Do I Need a Tree Removal Company to Assess my Rockville, MD Trees? 

If your tree exhibits one or more of these signs, you may need to remove it. Some of these signs are subtle and could easily go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Consider finding a licensed and insured Rockville tree removal company, like Ed’s Tree Service, to inspect your tree and assess it for hazards.  We will come to you and provide a free estimate, and walk you through everything that needs to happen.

As a professional and trusted Rockville tree removal company we are here for your tree removal needs and look forward to hearing from you soon!







Did you know? Learn a little more about Rockville, Maryland:

Rockville is one of Maryland’s oldest towns, with its origins dating back to Colonial America. During Revolutionary times Rockville was known as Hungerford’s Tavern, the name of its most familiar business and landmark.

Rockville has grown very rapidly since its founding, from a leisurely, agriculturally-oriented county seat to a cosmopolitan city of many neighborhoods. It is home to a well-educated population and serves as an employment center for national biomed corporations, the federal government and county government.