The Do’s and Dont’s of Hiring a Stump Removal Service in Bethesda, MD

Wondering what happens to the stump after the tree gets removed? Ed’s Tree Service is here to help! We offer safe and efficient small and large stump removal to ensure that your yard always looks exactly how you want it to.

Hire a Professional Stump Remover in Bethesda, Don’t Do it Yourself!

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After paying for tree removal, it may be tempting to try and remove a tree stump yourself. However, it’s important always to prioritize your own safety and know that hiring a professional to complete the task is the better option.

Ed’s Tree Service knows that a leftover stump can ruin the appearance of your yard. That is why we pride ourselves on removing stumps with an effective and seamless process. We take great care in causing minimal disruption to the surrounding area to ensure your property stays beautiful.

At Ed’s, we’re “tree huggers,” it’s our duty to participate in environmentally friendly practices through our services. As a result, we let the resulting mulch that accumulates after stump grinding replenish the soil where the stump had been unless a client requests otherwise.

Do You Need a Permit to Remove a Stump in Bethesda, Maryland?

According to the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, “A permit is required to remove a tree stump when it grows entirely or partially within the Montgomery County public right of way, including tree stumps that are bisected by the right of way property line. A Montgomery County permit is not required for removal of stumps on private property.”

How Does Professional Stump Removal in Bethesda Work?

To grind the tree stump, we use stump removal machines that transform the stump into mulch. Based on the size of the stump, various types of machinery are utilized.

  • For smaller tree stumps, a self-propelled machine will grind the stumps down to 2-6 inches below the surface. The machines are designed to fit through 36-inch wide openings.
  • Larger stump removals require a larger machine, which arrives at your property by truck. Once on site, the machine will be carefully transported across your property. We will then grind the stump down to 12 inches below the surface, effectively destroying the root ball.

Additionally, any client can expect their stump removal process to include grinding the stump itself, plus an additional foot of surrounding ground to reach larger underlying roots. If needed, Ed’s Tree Service will grind larger areas to remove unsightly or annoying surface roots as well. Once we grind the stump into mulch, we use that mulch to back-fill the hole.

3 Reasons to Remove Stumps on Your Bethesda Property

  1. Create space in your yard: Old tree stumps can take up valuable space on your property that could be put to better use for other activities. 
  2. Remove potential hazards: Over time, weeds and grasses will grow over your leftover stump, which makes them hard to spot. This can lead to dangerous tripping hazards or even cause damage to your lawnmower if you try to clear the weeds and grass from them.
  3. Improve the overall appearance of your property: Old tree stumps can bring down the property value of your lawn or just make it look unappealing. Professionally removing old tree stumps with Ed’s Tree Service can improve the overall aesthetic of your property, allowing it to live up to its full potential. 

To schedule Bethesda stump removal or find out more information, please call 301-937-6269 or fill out our online form.