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With the unpredictable spring showers and summer storms here, Maryland tree care is super important. Proper tree care and inspection can help prevent potential storm damage trees can cause toEd's Tree Service trimming a large tree your property. 

If you’re looking for the right tree care company in MD for you, look no further. Ed’s Tree Service is a woman-owned, family-run, small business serving the Maryland area since 1987. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and prompt responses and services. Our customers praise us for our honesty, efficiency, professionalism, and commitment to their satisfaction. 

Our comprehensive tree care services MD

We offer a wide range of tree care services that not only protect your trees and property but also uplift the overall aesthetic of your landscape and boost your curb appeal. 

One of our Maryland tree care services includes elite tree trimming and pruning. Tree trimming and pruning are essential for the health of your trees and your safety. Trimming and pruning your trees removes dead tree branches and keeps limbs from damaging your roofs and gutters. This also prevents crowding and rubbing branches therefore increasing the light and air penetration for the rest of your landscape. 

When trees are pruned properly, it helps to prevent damage to property or bodily injury and increases airflow which will lessen the possibility of storm damage.

The complete list of our tree trimming and pruning services includes:
  • Crown cleaning: Removing dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, or sickly branches from the crown of the tree.
  • Crown thinning: Selectively removing branches to improve light penetration and airflow throughout the crown. Thinning reduces wind resistance and helps prevent storm damage to your trees.
  • Crown raising or elevating: Removing the lower branches from a tree can provide better clearance for roofs, gutters, buildings, vehicles, and walkways, and improve visibility. Elevating the tree crown also increases the amount of light that filters through your lawns and walkways below.
  • Crown clearing: Eliminating branches that interfere with wires, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows, decks, or play areas is important to the health of the tree and to the safety and security of your family and property. Limbs that obstruct walkways and streets can also be a public safety issue in addition to annoying the neighbors.
  • Crown reduction: Reducing the size of the tree and reshaping the crown is an important tree health and safety issue when a tree suffers storm damage.
  • Wound assessment: We DO NOT dress wounds on trees. Current research shows that dressings seal in moisture and prevent healing. It’s a myth that dressings accelerate wound closure, protect against insects and disease, or reduce decay. Allow your trees to heal themselves, naturally.

Another tree care service we offer is tree fertilization. This helps build strong, healthy trees straight from the foundation. The care and feeding of trees is far overlooked, and as tree experts we want you to learn more. Micronutrients are essential to avoid malnourished trees and help prevent dead, overcrowded structures. Living in a populated area is tough on trees. They battle air and soil pollution throughout their long lives, and fertilization can provide a much-needed boost of nutrients to help them thrive.

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What makes Ed’s Tree Service stand out as a top MD tree care company?

For over three decades, Ed’s Tree Service has been Maryland and DC’s trusted partner for expert tree care. We offer a comprehensive approach to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees, from routine maintenance to emergency response. Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction is reflected in our thousands of happy clients.

Ed’s Tree Service goes beyond just getting the job done. Our skilled climbers, tree pruners, and expert crane operators bring a unique blend of physical expertise and arboriculture knowledge to every project. We’re passionate about keeping your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe. Whether you need storm damage addressed, a routine trim, or a comprehensive care plan, Ed’s Tree Service is here for you with a wealth of experience, the newest most efficient methods, and top-tier equipment. 

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