Tree Maintenance Services in Gaithersburg, MD: How to Save a Dying Tree

Tips and Techniques for Tree Maintenance in GaithersburgEds Tree Service saving a tree in Gaithersburg MD

  • Pruning: Cutting off the already dead branches on your tree, which can be entry points, bugs, or fungus. You want to remove those branches to prevent spreading throughout the tree. 
  • Watering your tree the right amount: If a tree hasn’t received enough water or is oversaturated, fixing the moisture issues improves your tree’s health. Knowing your tree’s water preferences will help you understand when to water it and for how long.
  • Fertilizer treatment: Your tree may be stressed because it lacks proper nutrition. Fertilizing will help feed your tree the nutrients to help bring it back to life. 
  • Spreading mulch: Mulch is a great way to nourish the soil around the tree and help prevent fungal disease, regulate soil temperatures, help with drainage, and restore the tree’s overall health.

If you are looking for more specific treatments for your tree, call Ed’s Tree Service, and we’ll help you figure out the best way to keep your trees in good health. 

Tree Maintenance Services in Gaithersburg, MD

Ed’s Tree Service offers tree maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD. We offer several types of tree maintenance services, including removal, pruning, and fertilization. With over 35 years of experience, over 15,000 customers served, and maintaining an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, our tree care expertise goes hand in hand with our down-to-earth attitude, commitment to personal service, and total satisfaction.  

Protecting Trees in Gaithersburg, MD:Ed's Tree Service removing a tree

Putting in the work to save and maintain your trees is essential. Tree conservation helps protect both Gaithersburg, MD, as well as protecting the environment. Keeping trees helps combat climate change, protect against wildfires, helps with cleaner air, conserves energy, helps with human health, and more. Putting in the effort to save and maintain your trees is a wonderful way to help protect the environment. 
In Gaithersburg, MD, the government focuses on planting trees, conservation, pruning, and more. If you are interested in what Gaithersburg, Maryland, is doing to conserve trees, read more here

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