Tree Pruning: Caring for your Trees during the Spring

Of all the things you do to care for your trees and other plants, tree pruning in the spring is one of the most important! 

Why is the Spring Time the Best Time for Tree Pruning?Tree Pruning

Spring is considered the best time of the year for tree pruning because any damage caused by recent harsh winter storms, such as frost damage, can be fixed and removed. When these storm-damaged, dying, crowded or weakly attached limbs and branches are removed from the tree, it encourages new growth, which makes spring the perfect time for tree pruning.

Tree Pruning is Important for a Number of Reasons, Including:

  • Tree pruning and trimming, particularly of damaged areas, allows your trees and other plants to experience new growth over the spring and summer time
  • Dead, damaged or overgrown branches and limbs can pose a safety hazard not only to your property but to your loved ones as well
  • Tree pruning can increase sunlight and air penetration for the rest of your yard, trees, other plants and even your home
  • Tree pruning can prevent crowding between trees and between their branches which could cause rubbing branches, leading to decay over time

What Exactly Does Tree Pruning Involve?

Tree pruning can involve a number of processes in which branches and limbs are trimmed or removed. Some of the most common processes are:

  • Crown cleaning- removing dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached or storm damaged branches from the crown of the tree
  • Crown thinning- selecting branches and limbs to remove in order to increase sunlight and air penetration and reduce the likelihood of future storm damage
  • Crown raising- removing lower branches to provide increased clearance for roofs, gutters, vehicles or walkways


If you’re in need of tree pruning services for the spring, contact a licensed and insured tree service company, like Ed’s Tree Service, today.