Tree Trimming Services Can Help Your Newly Planted Tree

With all of the young trees planted this Arbor Day, it’s important to remember how much tree trimming services can help young trees. tree trimming services

New trees often need guidance in their early years, so that they don’t branch out in the wrong direction. Tree trimming services can provide young trees with order and help them form.

How can tree trimming services help my young tree form? 

Unlike forest trees which must compete for limited sunlight and space, trees in urban areas have an excess of sunlight and space. The availability of sunlight can cause multiple branches on a young tree to grow and compete to become the main branch of the tree. These branches will each be very strong. However, overall this will make the tree weaker because it does not have a central, defined trunk. It will also make the young tree significantly more susceptible to storm damage during this already vulnerable period of its life. It could also cause future structural issues for the tree, which can be costly.

Tree trimming services can strengthen your young tree.

A professional tree service company, like Ed’s Tree Service, can help a young tree form with tree trimming. First, they will choose a healthy, damage-free branch that will be the central frame or trunk of the tree. Then the professional tree service company will identify rival branches to be removed or trimmed. In this way, the tree will be set up to grow properly and remain healthy. It can also prevent future costly damage from occurring. It is important to consider a professional tree service company like Ed’s for trimming services because a young tree can be fragile, and trimming the wrong branch can prevent healthy growth.

We look forward to hearing from you about any tree trimming services you may need.