Why Tree Fertilization in Chevy Chase, MD is Important for Tree Care

Tree Fertilization in Chevy Chase, MDAs fall approaches you should help prepare your trees for the winter with tree fertilization in Chevy Chase, MD. The care and feeding of trees is a new subject to many of our customers, and as tree experts we want you to understand all its benefits.

Why is Fall Tree Fertilization in Chevy Chase So Important?

The periods of extended heat during the summer can leave trees lacking in moisture and nutrients, which could potentially weaken trees, making them more susceptible to contracting an infestation or infection.

Chevy Chase professional tree fertilization can help rebuild your trees’ strength and prepare them for the harsh cold and storms during the winter season.

Chevy Chase Tree Fertilization: The Mauget Tree Injection Process

At Ed’s Tree Service, we use a unique method of tree fertilization called the Mauget Tree Injection Process

This process delivers micronutrients in the form of liquid fertilizer to the trunk, foliage, and root system of your tree. This is done by injecting the fertilizer directly into the sapwood at the base of your tree.

This method involves drilling small holes every 6 inches around the base of the tree to inject the liquid fertilizer. The puncture wounds are very small, so the tree recovers quickly, and the nutrients are absorbed into the tree’s sap stream to be circulated throughout the tree. 

Proper Fall Tree Care and What Not to Do

In addition to fertilization in the fall, it is important to prune dead wood and branches from your trees. This helps eliminate falling hazards that could arise during winter storms.

It is crucial to note, that you should not prune live branches. Pruning live branches off your tree during the autumn leaves your tree open and susceptible to decay fungi that can infect your tree, and that is especially prevalent in fall.

To ensure your trees get the best possible fall tree care and fertilization in Chevy Chase, contact a professional, licensed and insured tree service like Ed’s Tree Service.

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Chevy Chase, Maryland is a self-governing municipality with a population of over 9,500 people. In the 1890s, the Chevy Chase Land Company was formed and set the stage for the development of Chevy Chase in the 20th Century but real development didn’t begin until after World War I.