Do You Need Tree Maintenance?

What tree maintenance should I be doing to have the most beautiful, healthy trees in the summer?

Of course, you want a beautiful yard and healthy trees, but where do you even start with tree maintenance? Ed’s Tree Service offers three main types of tree maintenance to help you get the shady, relaxing backyard of your dreams. 

  1. Tree trimming and pruning: This service not only removes those dead branches from your tree, but it also helps with the overall health and look of the tree in the summer. If you have ever watched those garden makeover shows, this service is how they get those beautiful, full, healthy trees. Trimming and pruning can include removing dead branches, crown thinning, and shaping the tree. Beautiful backyard after tree maintenance
  2. Tree fertilization: If you want happy and healthy trees, consider feeding them! Tree fertilization is one of the best ways to get a truly healthy and full tree. Ed’s Tree Service uses the Mauget Tree Injection Process, which uses a liquid fertilizer to inject directly into the sap wood at the base of your tree and ensure it gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.
  3. Tree and stump removal: While not necessarily tree maintenance, we all have that dead tree or random stump that you have been putting off removing. Now is the time! Removing stumps and trees now will help your garden thrive this summer. 

Should I hire someone to do my tree maintenance

When it comes to tree maintenance, you can do it yourself; however, risks are involved. Tree trimming and pruning for a smaller tree are manageable, but if you have a giant oak tree, we would definitely recommend hiring a licensed tree professional. This goes for tree and stump removal as well. Tree and stump removal typically requires the use of large machinery, which can be dangerous to use. 

Do you need some spring tree maintenance?

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