Winter Storm Emergency Tree Removal: Montgomery County

As much as we would all like it to be spring, we still are in the winter season. Winter weather can be unpredictable. It is best if you know what is necessary in case of a storm in Montgomery County, MD. Whether that be an emergency phone number, emergency snow removal, or information about emergency tree removal.

There are ways to prevent using these emergency resources; for example, instead of needing emergency tree removal in Montgomery County, remove the tree before the storm. At Ed’s Tree Service, we want to make sure you are ready for whatever may come your way in unpredictable weather. 

Here are some winter storm preventive methods to protect yourself and your property from future harm. 

How to prepare for a winter storm so you don’t need emergency tree removal in Montgomery County:

  • Prop up small plants and trees: If a big storm is coming your way, you can prop up your small plants and trees. Whether it be using string to tie the plants to a larger object or using stakes to keep them standing, this can help with the cleanup after the storm. This step can also be effective after a larger storm. Make sure you don’t rip the plants out of the ground after a large storm, rather just straightening them out or prop them up, so they can survive. 
  • Cut off unsafe branches: There may already be branches that seem like they could break off if a strong wind or storm comes your way. Consider removing these before the next winter storm. Removing these branches before the storm hits saves you a lot of cleanup time and protects you and your property. 
  • Consider preventative tree removal: Before a large storm, if you are already concerned about a tree on your property, consider removing the tree beforehand. This could save a lot of hard work after the storm and save your property from future harm.

Winter storms are unpredictable and scary, but taking a few preventative measures protects you and your property and saves you from hard work after the storm. 

How do you know if you need preventative tree removal?Emergency Tree Removal in Montgomery County

Preventative tree removal will remove those trees that are too close to your house, already dying, or have already experienced damage from the winter season. 

We recommend preventative tree removal if:

  • The tree is too close to your house
  • If a tree is already dying
  • If a tree is dead
  • If the tree has damaged roots, is leaning, has extensive cracking, and/or hanging branches 

Taking a walk around your property before a large storm and looking for these types of trees can help to protect you and your property from future damage so that you don’t need emergency tree removal in Montgomery County

Is winter a good time for emergency tree removal in Montgomery County?

Even with these prevention methods, it is possible you will need emergency tree removal after a winter storm. 

When it comes to emergency tree removal, the best time to remove a tree is in winter or spring. The trees do not have leaves yet and as long as the ground is not frozen the removal process should be fairly simple. 

It is important to note that as long as you have a licensed professional tree removal service, removing a tree in any season should be a smooth process. 

In need of emergency tree removal in Montgomery County? Please call 301-937-6269 for assistance.