Everything You Need to Know About Professional Tree Service in Maryland

Ed’s Tree Service: Providing Professional Tree Service in MD for over 30 years

Ed’s Tree Service is a trusted tree care company in Maryland. In 1987, Alice and Ed founded Ed’s Tree Service to provide premium tree care to Ed's Tree Service trimming a large tree homeowners as well as commercial and government properties in the DC metro area. As Ed and Alice retired, their son, Kevin, joined Alice in leading the firm.

We have had over 15,000 satisfied customers and are highly rated tree care experts in MD. We take a personalized approach to our tree care and ensure each and every customer feels safe with their property. We also provide free estimates and consultations so you can get an idea of exactly what you are looking at before jumping in. 

Whether you are looking for tree removal, stump removal, or tree care we are here to serve you. We are licensed and insured tree removal professionals in Maryland, and we are happy to help with all tree-related needs. 

The safety of a professional tree removal in Maryland

Ed’s Tree Service is a top-rated professional tree removal company in Maryland. A part of ethical arbor care is protecting healthy trees, identifying trees that pose a safety risk, and removing those trees that cause trouble. As licensed experts, we take our responsibilities to our clients, communities, and environment seriously. 

When a tree needs to be taken down, our highly skilled experts will use specialized technical rigging equipment and/or cranes to take care of the removal as safely and efficiently as possible. Our methods are designed to protect your family, structures, and landscaping as best as possible.

We protect healthy trees and provide quick and clean removal of those that pose a safety risk to property and people. Our team for professional tree removal in Maryland will inspect your yard, identify safety risks, and target dead or problem trees.

Some reasons to call us for the Maryland professional tree services include:

  • If the tree is dead or poses safety risks, dead trees need to be removed quickly before they fall.
  • Trees, or roots, are growing into foundations.
  • Trees get in the way when building a new structure.
  • The tree grows too big for the area it was planted in.
  • Trees become a nuisance.

We also provide emergency services in the case of storm damage. Trees and branches may fall on your property, putting your loved ones at risk. We are trained to remove trees from structures with our varied equipment.

Our other services: A well-versed tree care company in Maryland

As a Maryland professional tree service, we are equipped to take care of all your tree-related needs. Our other services outside of tree removal include stump removal, tree trimming and pruning, and tree fertilization.

  • Stump Removal: When a tree falls or is removed, the remaining stump can not only be an eye sore, but a hazard. We can remove stumps with minimal disruption to the rest of your property, leaving your space clutter- and hazard-free.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning: This is essential for the health and beauty of your trees as well as your personal safety. This removes dead or dangerously hanging branches. This can overall increase the safety of your loved ones and precious property. 
  • Tree Fertilization: Micronutrients are essential to avoid malnourished trees. Keeping your trees properly nourished ensures they stay healthy and safe. We recommend the Mauget Tree Injection Process, a liquid fertilizer injected into the base of your tree to ensure it’s getting the much-needed nutrients.

Are you interested in a Maryland professional tree service? Contact us and learn more about our wide-range of premium services.