Fall: The Best Time for Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing Trees in DC and Maryland: At Ed’s Tree Service, Helping Your Trees Recover from the Extreme Heat of Summer, and Prepare for the Extreme Cold of Winter, is Our Specialty. 

Why is Fall Tree Care So Important? 

Even trees that were regularly watered throughout the summer may still be lacking moisture and nutrients. The periods of extended heat that the summer weather brings can weaken trees and make them more susceptible to contracting an infestation or infection. This is even more likely if trees are left weakened and unprepared for the harsh cold and storms of the winter season. Professional tree fertilization, however, can help rebuild your tree’s strength and prepare them for the winter season.

Professional Tree Fertilization

At Ed’s Tree Service, we use a unique method of tree fertilization, which sets us apart from other tree service professionals. We use the Mauget Tree Injection Process to deliver micronutrients in

Tree Fertilizationthe form of liquid fertilizer to the trunk, foliage, and root system of your tree. This is done by injecting the fertilizer directly into the sap wood at the base of your tree.

The Mauget Tree Injection Process involves drilling small holes every 6 inches around the base of the tree to inject the liquid fertilizer. The puncture wounds are very tiny, so the tree recovers quickly, and this way, the nutrients are absorbed into the tree’s sap stream and quickly circulated throughout the tree. You can learn more about this unique tree fertilization process on our tree fertilization page.

What Not to Do

It becomes especially important in fall to prune dead wood and branches from your trees, so that they cannot pose a falling hazard during winter storms. However, it is also very important not to prune any live branches. If you prune live branches off your tree during the fall season, you will leave your tree open and susceptible to decay fungi that can infect your tree that are especially prevalent in fall. Read more about the risks of tree pruning in fall with this article from Arborday. To ensure your trees get the best possible fall tree care, consider hiring a professional tree service specialist, like those at Ed’s Tree Service.

If you’re interested in fertilizing your trees this fall, or learning more about fall tree care, contact us.