Hyattsville Tree Service You Can Trust

Ed’s Tree Service Provides Hyattsville, MD Tree Service You Can Trust 

Man cutting up a large tree in Hyattsville, MarylandWe have been providing expert tree removal and tree care services to the Maryland community since 1987. We believe it’s important to provide an easy, seamless experience. With over 30 years of experience and more than 15,000 satisfied customers, your satisfaction is our priority.

We are a woman-owned, family-run small business. Alice and Ed founded Ed’s Tree Service to provide outstanding tree care to the Maryland community. When it was time for Ed to retire, Ed and Alice’s son, Kevin, joined Alice in leading the firm. Our tree care specialists know what it takes to get the job done. We have skilled climbers for tree cutting and tree trimming work, as well as expert crane operators. We pride ourselves on giving you exceptional service at a competitive price. 

It’s extremely important to be licensed and insured when working in the tree industry. Professionalism is one of our top priorities and we believe we have the qualifications and credentials to show it. Alice holds our license (#557) and we can have the insurance company mail or fax a certificate of insurance verifying our liability and workman’s comp coverage if needed.

Hyattsville Tree Trimming

We provide top quality tree pruning services in Hyattsville, MD. Our trimming and pruning services are crucial to preventing damage to your trees and property.

When trees are pruned properly, it helps to prevent damages, encourage overall tree health, and increase airflow which will lessen the possibility of storm damage. Some benefits of tree trimming include:

  • Remove dead branches
  • Keep limbs from damaging roofs and gutters
  • Prevent crowding and rubbing branches
  • Reduce safety hazards
  • Increase light and air penetration

Tree Fertilization

In populated areas, trees contend with pollution and soil depletion over the course of their long lives. Micronutrients are vital to avoid malnourished trees. Fertilization can give them the boost they need to stay strong and healthy.

We use the Mauget Tree Injection Process. This liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the sap wood at the base of your tree. We use a Stemix micro-injector to deliver a mineral formula designed to stimulate growth of the tree foliage, trunk, and root system.

Professional Tree Removal in Hyattsville

Accurately identifying trees for removal requires extensive education and expertise. As licensed experts, we take our responsibilities to our clients, community, and the environment very seriously. 

Our team can help assess your situation to decide what tree service treatment plan will be the most effective. When tree trimming, pruning, or fertilization won’t be enough, you may need to remove your tree. Knowing the signs for when to remove a tree will help prevent any damage or injury. Listed below are reasons to consider a tree removal in Hyattsville, MD:

  • Tree is dead
  • Tree poses safety risks
  • Roots are growing into foundations, lifting sidewalks, or damaging driveways
  • Trees interfere with building of a new structure
  • Tree grows too big for the area it was planted in
  • Trees become a nuisance
  • Tree is damaged from wind or storm

Emergency Tree Service in Hyattsville, MD

Sometimes trees are damaged or fall because of intense weather. These situations can be extremely stressful, especially if the tree has caused injury to anyone or damage to you or your neighbor’s property. We provide Hyattsville tree service to relieve your stress by quickly and safely removing the problem tree.

  • We will first send a tree service estimator to your property. They will assess the damage and report it to our professionals. During this assessment, they will also give you an estimate of how much the service will cost.
  • After we have provided the cost, we will walk you through our storm policies, your insurance claims, and how we will help facilitate the cost and communication with your insurance. 
  • Our Maryland licensed tree experts will come to your property and remove your storm damage. This could include a fallen tree, damaged tree, broken branches, or more. We will leave your yard looking even more beautiful than before the storm. 

For more information about tree removal services in Hyattsville, MD, contact us today!