Professional Tree Service in Silver Spring, MD

Providing Professional Tree Service in Silver Spring, Maryland since 1987

We have been providing the Maryland community with professional tree trimming, fertilizing, and removal services for over 30 years. Our team of professionals has worked together to satisfy more than 15,000 customers by ensuring a simple and effective process.

We are a woman-owned, family-run small business whose number one priority is your satisfaction. From calling for an appointment to removing your stump, quality customer service and clear communication are important to ensuring a job well done.

Silver Spring tree removalWhen working in the tree industry, it’s important to be licensed and insured. Alice holds our license (#557), and we can have the insurance company mail or fax a certificate of insurance verifying our liability and workman’s comp coverage if needed.

What Silver Spring, MD tree care services does Ed’s Tree Service provide?

Tree hygiene is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy yard. Property owners with trees on their land should always inspect their trees for any signs of damage, weakness, or problem areas. 

We recommend and provide preventative tree services in Silver Spring, MD that ensure a safe and prosperous yard. See our list of services below:

How does Ed’s Tree Service provide tree removal in Silver Spring, MD?

At Ed’s Tree Service, our tree removal process is designed to protect people, structures, and landscaping from damage and injury. Our highly skilled team comes to your property, inspects your yard’s current situation, and uses specialized technical equipment to remove your problem trees as safely and efficiently as possible. 

Reasons to remove a tree may include if the tree is:

  • dead or poses safety risks
  • growing into foundations or lifting sidewalks/driveways
  • getting in the way when building a new structure
  • growing too big for the area it was planted in
  • becoming a nuisance

Our tree removal service in Silver Spring includes careful consideration of the environment, state of the tree, and the removal itself. The team will first begin to work carefully to remove smaller pieces of the tree such as larger limbs. Once the tree is groomed, the tree will be cut and handled with our equipment to be fully removed. In every situation, we ensure a clear and safe area where the problem tree will not damage surrounding objects. 

What if I need Silver Spring tree removal for an emergency situation?

Sometimes, our trees fall or become problematic after incurring damage from severe weather like wind, rain, or snow. When we can’t proactively save your trees, we reactively save your property with emergency tree removal. We will respond to your call as soon as possible, send a team to your property, and help you through the process to make it as stress-free and safe as possible.

Our emergency tree removal services in Silver Spring, MD are quick and efficient. A tree service estimator will come to your property, provide a written estimate, and go over the details with you. Our team of experts takes great care to protect and preserve your property. If the tree falls on your house, fence, garage, or other structure, we will guide you through the insurance claims process to help maximize your policy coverage.

You can expect us to contact your insurance agent, explain the situation, get approval, and bill your insurance company directly if possible. Our tree removal cost estimates speed up payment authorization from your homeowner’s or business property insurance. Visit our website to learn about general insurance guidelines when it comes to storm damage. 

Needing professional tree services or tree removal in Silver Spring, Maryland? Contact us today!