Is DIY Tree Removal Worth It?

Our lives have all changed quite a bit over the last year. With many people staying home, DIY projects have become increasingly popular, and as the weather begins to warm you may think of doing a few projects outside in your yard. While there are plenty of DIY projects that are easy enough to do, such as creating a raised garden bed or putting up a new fence, tree removal shouldn’t be one of them. 

Rockville Tree RemovalWhat You Should Know About Tree Removal

  • Tree removal is dangerous– So you’ve watched YouTube videos and read plenty of articles, you should know how to remove a tree safely, right? Wrong. Tree removal can be a dangerous job without the proper tools, training, and experience. Even if you feel fully confident in your abilities, it just takes one misstep to harm yourself, your home, or other structures. 
  • Your tree may pose more of a threat than you think– Many people assume they can easily cut down branches with a ladder and saw, but in truth, there may be hidden dangers in your tree. Your tree may have dead or dying branches that are ready to fall at a moment’s notice which can be incredibly dangerous to anyone below. Your tree may also have internal damage that you can’t see which can cause the tree to fall when you aren’t expecting it to. 
  • It can be extremely difficult to destroy the rootball– If you are able to remove the tree, you’re then left with a stump and rootball. Stumps can easily become an eyesore and the rootball can extend farther underground than you imagine making it hard to destroy even with the right tools. 

Choosing the Right Tree Removal Service To Remove Your Trees

Once you’ve realized that DIY tree removal may not be worth it, contact the experts at Ed’s Tree Service. Our team of fully licensed and insured professionals is highly trained and experienced with tree removal, tree trimming, tree fertilization, and stump removal. We can quickly remove your tree and stump with all the necessary safety precautions. We even offer free estimates so you know what to expect before we get started and can feel comfortable moving forward. 

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