Is Potomac Tree Trimming During the Summer a Good Idea?

Potomac tree trimming can be useful for some trees during the summer.

While it’s usually best to prune trees between fall and spring, here are some exceptions which warrant Potomac tree trimming in the summertime.

The Best Trees for Potomac Tree Trimming During Summer 

Potomac tree trimming

When it comes to these types of trees, trimming during the summer is actually better:

  • Trees with deadwood: It is always a good idea to trim trees with dead or dying limbs as these can pose a safety hazard to you or your property
  • Fruit trees: You can reduce the amount of fruit that these trees produce by pruning during the summer

Why Consider Potomac Tree Trimming This Summer?  

When it comes to the rest of your trees there are still some good reasons to consider trimming them during the summer rather than between the fall and spring if they are overgrown.

An overgrown tree can cause problems like:

  • Growing into the space of another structure such as your house, deck and shed
  • Obstructing access to your sidewalks, driveway and other areas
  • Decreasing sunlight and air penetration to your property
  • Prevent other trees or shrubs from growing

If you’re in need of Potomac tree trimming services this summer, choose a licensed and insured professional tree service like Ed’s Tree Service. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will always treat your property with respect. Our expert arborists can trim your trees to attempt to reduce their growth next season.

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