Beech Leaf Disease and Other Killers: Do You Need Professional Tree Removal Services?

Professional tree removal services can prevent diseased trees from infecting healthy trees.

For your professional tree removal services choose a licensed and insured company like Ed’s Tree Service.


Professional tree removal services

Professional Tree Removal Services for Beech Leaf Disease

According to The Washington Post, one Ohio biologist John Pogacnik first discovered beech leaf disease in 2012, and it has since spread to New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada. The biggest problem with beech leaf disease is that we don’t know how to fight it.

“Nobody knows what beech leaf disease is. Searches for a virus, bacteria or fungus — all common tree pathogens — have come up empty. Researchers are facing an arboreal murder mystery.” The disease is even comparable to the ash tree destruction caused by the emerald ash borer beetle, “Scientists fear the beech could soon face a plague as serious as those that have devastated chestnut, elm, hemlock and ash trees.”

Particularly in the eastern United States and DC area, beech trees are incredibly ecologically important. “Beech’s almost unmatched ability to grow in deep shade — and the fact that deer don’t prefer its leaves — has made it among the most common trees in the older forests of many eastern states and the District, where it dominates the understory of Rock Creek Park.” If a treatment is not found and beech leaf disease continues to spread, the impact could be devastating.


Ed’s Professional Tree Removal Services 

Whether your tree is infected with a disease like beech leaf or it is merely damaged, it is essential to find a licensed and insured tree service company like Ed’s Tree Service to remove it. A sick or damaged tree is a hazard both for your safety and the safety of your property. Our team is experienced in removing diseased or damaged trees while taking great care to protect the rest of your property. No one should have to deal with extra or unnecessary damage from the tree removal process.



If you need professional tree removal services, contact an experienced company you can trust, like Ed’s Tree Service.