Potomac, MD: Look for These Signs You Need Your Ash Tree Removed

Spring is a time for renewal and growth. While you see most of your trees blooming you may notice, your ash trees are dying. Why is that happening? There is an emerald ash borer infestation that is affecting the east coast, causing damage to the area’s ash tree population.

The USDA implements strict regulations on properly handling your infected Potomac, MD ash tree removal and destruction.

To properly treat and remove your infected ash trees it is important to use a professional, licensed and insured tree service like Ed’s Tree Service. 

What is the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle?

The emerald ash borer (EAB), is an exotic beetle that first arrived in Michigan in 2002.

The beetle usually has a 1-year life cycle, but the adult phase only lasts about 3 weeks. This is when the beetle is most easy to identify.

Adult beetles begin emerging in May or early June, with beetle activity peaking between mid-June and early July. Beetles generally are most active during the day, particularly when it is warm and sunny, making it more difficult to identify them during the winter months.

Signs of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation:

There are obvious signs that you need Potomac, MD ash tree removal. Watch your property’s ash trees closely for any of these signs:

  • Dead branches, beginning at the top of the canopy or new branches and leaves growing and the base of the tree
  • Vertical bark splits
  • Woodpecker feeding
  • D-shaped holes or S-shaped holes in the tree bark, from where the larvae emerge or from them feeding

Ash Tree Removal in Potomac, MD

Hiring a professional firm like Ed’s Tree Service is the best way to properly remove and dispose of the damaged ash tree. Treating it properly will limit the spread of infestation to other trees. If the tree is at its later stage in life, removal can be particularly important because it is much more susceptible to falling and damaging you or your property.

Once removed, it is also important to dispose of properly, which is why hiring a licensed and insured firm can ensure this is done correctly.

If you need ash tree removal in Potomac, Maryland, contact a professional tree service like Ed’s Tree Service today. 







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