Now is the Time for Gaithersburg, Maryland Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning is essential for the health of your trees as well as the safety of you and your property. The Gaithersburg, Maryland tree pruning process removes dangerous limbs and increases safety, light, and air penetration. This process also encourages new growth in the warmer months.

Gaithersburg, Maryland Tree Pruning

Reasons to Prune Trees in Gaithersburg, Maryland

The winter storms might be over, but the damage they might have caused isn’t. The ice and snow weighs branches down, leaving them susceptible to toppling over and destroying your property. Gaithersburg, Maryland tree pruning will reduce the risk of damage to your property and the people on it, manage tree health, provide clearance for vehicles, improve the tree structure by restoring the shape, and improve the aesthetics on your property.

While it might seem easy to try to prune the trees yourself, it is important to hire a licensed and insured tree care expert. They can discuss your tree pruning and trimming goals, answer questions, and make sure everything is done safely.

According to the industry tree pruning standards, there are also specifications on how much of a tree should be trimmed per season, ways to manage the size or shape and more that should be adhered to. Only an expert, like Ed’s Tree Service, can make sure that your trees are properly trimmed and pruned. 

Finding a Tree Pruning Company in Gaithersburg

Ed’s Tree Service is a licensed and insured tree trimming and pruning company with over 30 years of experience and more than 15,000 satisfied customers. We will come to you and provide a free estimate and walk you through everything that needs to happen.

Tree trimming and pruning services include:

  • Crown thinning: Removes certain branches in the crown to increase light and air penetration, reduce wind resistance, and prevent storm damage.
  • Crown cleaning: Removes crowded, weak, dying, or dead branches from the crown.
  • Crown elevating: Removes the lower limbs of the tree to increase visibility and provide clearance for walkways, vehicles or new structures.
  • Crown clearing and reduction: Removes limbs and/or the overall size of the tree that interfere with structures on your property such as gutters, roofs, windows, or decks for increased visibility and safety.

For more information about our Gaithersburg, Maryland tree pruning, contact us today or call 301-937-6269.








Located in the heart of Montgomery Country, Gaithersburg, Maryland has 69,000 residents making it one of the largest cities in Maryland. The city is home more than 4,000 businesses and internationally recognized for biotechnology. In 2018, Gaithersburg was voted number 6 in best cities for STEM workers by and number 2 in most diverse cities in America by WalletHub.