Remove Unwanted Stumps from your Rockville, MD Property

With large and unsightly tree stumps on your property it can be tempting to try to take them out yourselves, but Rockville, MD tree stump removal should be taken care of by licensed and insured professionals such as Ed’s Tree Service.

There are several steps involved in making sure the stump removal is efficient and effective. It involves the rights skills and equipment that the experts that Ed’s Tree Service have.

Rockville, MD Tree Stump Removal Options

There are two types of stump removal options for your Rockville property:

  • Large stump removal: We will grind the stump down 12 inches below the surface to destroy the root ball using a stump grinding machine that will arrive at your property trailered by a pickup truck.
  • Small stump removal: Small stump grinding machines are self-propelled and designed to fit through 36-inch-wide openings. We will grind the stump down 2-6 inches below the surface.

Both processes include grinding an additional foot of surrounding ground to reach the roots. We then turn the ground stump into mulch to refill the whole which replenishes the soil. For an additional charge, we also offer the option of replacing the stump with topsoil and seed.

Leave Tree Stump Removal to The Experts 

The experts at Ed’s Tree Service have the experience and knowledge to remove your tree stump safely and quickly.

Most importantly, the right stump removal machine is key to an efficient job. It can be a difficult task to find the right tools for the stump removal process as you need to make sure it is used correctly to ensure it is done safely and your yard is cleaned up properly after the removal is complete.

There are many people who have tried to unsuccessfully remove the stump without professional help, causing danger to themselves and their property. Hiring tree stump removal experts to get the job done will ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely.

Contact the experts at Ed’s Tree Service to remove your unwanted tree stumps from your Rockville, MD property. 








With the city origins dating back to Colonial America, Rockville is one of the oldest towns in Maryland. Named for its proximity to Rock Creek, the city’s name was officially established in 1801.

The city has since grown immensely and is now an employment hub for national biomed corporations, the county and federal governments. Over ninety percent of Rockville, MD residents described the overall quality of life as excellent or good in the city’s ninth biennial community survey.