What to Expect During the Silver Spring Tree Removal Process

After a harsh storm, you may find yourself in need of Silver Spring tree removal services. Here’s how to begin the process.Silver Spring tree removal

Finding yourself in need of Silver Spring tree removal services can be stressful and unexpected but the experts at Ed’s Tree Service can walk you through the process.

Silver Spring Tree Removal Process 

  1. Receiving an estimate: First Ed’s Tree Service will send an estimator to survey any damage and assess the trees that need to be removed. The estimator will provide you with a written quote and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Assist in contacting your insurance: If a tree or branch has fallen on any structure on your property such as your house or fence, Ed’s Tree Service will help you contact your insurance agent to get approval for the removal costs. Generally, insurance policies cover all or part of the costs to remove trees or branches from any structure on your property. The insurance company will typically not find you responsible for any storm damage that your trees or branches may have caused to your neighbor’s property as long as they were healthy before the storm. Active pruning can help prevent property damage from weakened or dead trees and branches during storms.
  3. Fixing the damage: Our expert crew and skilled crane operators will carefully fix the damage while preserving your property. No one should be faced with extra or unnecessary damage from the tree removal process.

Preventing Future Silver Spring Tree Removal 

You can strengthen your trees by regularly fertilizing and pruning them. This will decrease your chances of future storm damage. Find an expert tree service company such as Ed’s Tree Service for tree removal, fertilizing, or pruning. Ed’s Tree Service has more than 30 years of experience in providing excellent service.

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