Spruce Up Your Yard With Stump Removal in Laurel, MD

Stump Removal Laurel MDHome improvement projects can vastly increase the value and appearance of your home. While many of your home improvement projects can be DIY adventures, when it comes to stump removal it’s best to call in the professionals. Not only is stump removal difficult without the proper tools and training, but it can also be dangerous. The tree experts at Ed’s Tree Service can quickly, and safely, remove your stumps properly and give you the boost in curb appeal you’re looking for. 

When To Call The Experts For Laurel Stump Removal

Large or small, we’ve seen it all and removed it. Each project requires a unique approach to ensure the stump is removed properly. We start by classifying stumps as either large stumps or small stumps then proceed from there to determine the type of machinery required as well as the best way to remove them. Whether you’ve had a stump for years that’s just been sitting in your yard decaying, or you’ve recently removed a tree or had a tree fall, we can help. 

The Type of Stump Removal Best For You

Once we’ve determined whether you have a small or large stump, we can get started. Large stumps require a larger machine that is typically brought in by truck. We use this machine to grind the stump down roughly a foot below the surface to ensure the root ball is destroyed. Once we’re done we can either leave the mulch behind from the ground up tree or replace it with topsoil for an additional charge. 

Smaller stumps follow a similar process but they require a smaller machine that doesn’t typically need to be trailered in. We grind these stumps down roughly 6 inches below the surface and, just like the large stumps, we can leave behind the mulch or topsoil. 

The Best Professionals For Stump Removal in Laurel, MD

It’s important that you trust the experts you hire to remove your stumps. When you’re looking for professional stump removal, make sure they’re licensed and insured, known for producing quality results, and are there to genuinely help you. Our experts are highly trained, licensed, and insured, and we offer free estimates of work so you know what to expect before we get started. We know how much you value your home and aim to leave behind the best possible result that helps improve the look of your yard. 

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Laurel, MD is located near Baltimore and Washington, DC. The city was founded in the early 19th century as a mill town located along the Patuxent River.