Stump Removal in Bethesda, MD

It’s best to leave the stump removal process to the pros in Bethesda, MD. You can trust the experts at Ed’s Tree Service to execute the job like no one else. 

When to Consider Stump Removal in Bethesda:

Stump removal is a tough process that requires special equipment and tools. Below are times when you should consider bringing in the professionals for this job:

Stump removal in Bethesda Maryland

  1. They’re a hazard – The last thing you want is a large mass in your yard waiting for someone to trip over it, or run into it with other gardening equipment, and hurt themselves. If this is the case, it may be time to call Ed’s Tree Service to get the stump removed.
  2. Bugs – Yes, you read that correctly. Bugs love to devour the rotten wood and infest the stumps. This is important to deter the potential of termites.
  3. Allowing new trees to grow  – When you remove the rotting stump, you allow for a new tree to grow in its place, plus then you don’t have to worry about the mushrooms, fungi and weeds that love to grow on the stumps. 
  4. Stumps simply do not look good – When it comes down to it, it’s your home. If you don’t love the look of a large stump in your yard then it’s worth getting it removed.

Choosing the Right Team for Your Stump Removal in Bethesda, MD.

You should find a team that is licensed and insured to ensure the job is done correctly. Our team is fully licensed and insured and we have decades of experience. We’ll take the time to answer your questions, offer a free estimate of work, and help you achieve your lawn goals.

What one of our stump removal clients had to say:

They did a fantastic job, came at the exact time the said they would. It was a team of 5 who were in 2 1/2 hours and it amazes me that you wouldn’t know there had been a large dead tree there if you hadn’t seen it. They were friendly, polite and cleaned up after themselves. They also gave me a better price than I had been given by another service.

I had a large tree cut down with the roots ground, a large bush removed and roots ground, root ground from a large dead bush previously cut down and the stump of a nuisance tree treated to stop it from returning

To schedule your free estimate for stump removal in Bethesda, MD call 301-937-6269 or fill out our online form.