Stumped? What to Expect from Tree Removal: Columbia, MD

As it gets warmer outside and flowers bloom, make sure to take care of those trees in your backyard. The great state of Maryland has some of the most beautiful yards in the country. It’s time to assess the trees in your yard with the help of a professional –  are any of them hazardous? Sick or dying? Just an eye sore? Ed’s Tree Service is here to help you decide if it is time to consider tree removal in Columbia, MD.

What to expect from tree removal: Columbia, MD

The tree removal process will vary depending on the tree. The first priority is to make sure that there is a safe and smart way to remove your tree. The goal is to remove the tree with little to no impact on the area around it. For example, we often use ropes to bring down the tree slowly. That way, there won’t be any impact on your yard. 

Once the tree is brought down, we will have to cut off branches and break down the trunk in order to remove the tree from your yard. This part of the process can vary in time depending on the size of the tree and the impact it could have on your yard.

Since this process can be extremely dangerous both to you and your environment, we highly recommend hiring a licensed tree removal specialist to make sure that your tree is removed in a timely and safe manner. 

Why should you get your trees removed?Tree Removal in front of a house

It can be hard to decide if it is time to remove a tree in your yard. Here are three reasons people commonly hire professionals for tree removal in Columbia, MD

  1. Your trees are dead or dying. It happens, your trees will die. Rather than leaving your trees dead in your yard, it’s best to have them removed. Even if your tree is starting to die, it’s a good idea to have it removed as soon as possible for both your safety and the protection of your property. 
  2. Your trees are in the way. Maybe it’s time to finally build that play set your kids have been asking for, but your backyard is covered in trees. This is when you call us. We will come and clear your backyard, so you have space to build a perfect yard and play set for your kids. 
  3. Your trees have become way too big. Sometimes you have a beautiful tree that is starting to cover your whole house in shade. It’s time to have your tree removed so you can enjoy those sunny days. 

Ed’s Tree Service are licensed tree removal professionals. 

It’s hard to find a professional you trust to remove your trees, but we promise you can trust Ed’s Tree Service. Check out what our past clients have to say:

“We love Ed’s Tree Service. Professional, reasonable, and punctual. They always do a great job. This is our third time using their services.” – S. Haskins

“Knowledgeable. Responsive. Fast and thorough. Great customer service and attention to detail. Would recommend or use again.” – Angela

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