The 3 Steps to Stump Removal in Maryland

If you have an unsightly stump in your yard that needs professional removal the expert tree professionals at Ed’s Tree Service can remove it in 3 simple steps. 

Stump Removal HyattsvilleThe 3 Steps to Safe Stump Removal

  1. Assessment– We start with an assessment of the job to see what kind of stump grinder will be required and how we can maneuver the machine into place. We can also give you an estimate of work so you know what to expect before we get started. 
  2. Placement of stump grinder– Once we’ve determined whether or not your job will require a small or large stump grinder we’ll work on putting it into place. Larger stump grinders require a truck to place them where they need to while smaller stump grinders do not require a truck. 
  3. Grinding and soil replacement– When everything is in place we’ll begin the process of carefully grinding your stump. Larger stumps are typically ground down a foot below the surface whereas smaller stumps only require about 6 inches. We do this to ensure that the rootball is destroyed. Once the stump is completely ground, we can replace the hole with the mulch from your stump. This will prevent you from having a hole in the ground and can provide rich nutrients to your lawn. 

Why Ed’s Tree Service is the Right Choice for Stump Removal in Maryland

Our team is licensed and insured so you can trust us to do the job correctly. Stump removal can be a dangerous job if done incorrectly and end up leaving your lawn looking worse than before. Trust us to help you with your stump removal needs like so many customers have before: 

“It went very well throughout the entire process from the quote, scheduling and execution. I will definitely use the company again. In addition, I plan to use them for upcoming tree work.”
– Satisfied Ed’s Tree Service customer

To schedule a free estimate for stump removal with one of our experienced professional tree experts call 301-937-6269 or click here.