The Science of Tree Trimming in Columbia, Maryland: Techniques for Healthy Growth

It’s official spring weather outside. That means trees and plants are starting to bud and bloom. That also means it’s time to consider what your Columbia, Maryland yard is going to look like in the summer.

The time has come for planting, seeding, watering, and tree trimming in Columbia, Maryland to get that dream summer yard. 

Prune at the Right Time: Ed's Tree Service trimming a large oak tree

Timing is crucial when it comes to tree pruning. In Columbia, Maryland, the best time to prune most trees is late winter. You want to prune your plants and trees right before they start to bud. Once your plants start to bud, you do not want to trim your plants. If you prune before they bud, your plant will grow larger and healthier for the summer months. Pruning opens up tree canopies, increasing airflow and light to stems and branches, essentially letting more light into your flowers and more airflow to the plant. 

Use Proper Techniques for Different Tree Types

When trimming your tree consider two things: the type of tree and the shape you want the tree to grow. There are different techniques and methods to trim types of trees. To get the perfect level of light and airflow to your tree through trimming you will need to research the best way to make the tree the healthiest it can be. When you are trimming you probably are looking for a certain shape or look. Consider how your tree grows and research the best techniques to accomplish the shape you will want in two to three months. 

Avoid Over-PruningEd's Tree Service trimming a large tree

Think about when you get a short and bad haircut, you have to take certain protections. It’s the same for trees. For a buzz cut, we would need more sunscreen, when you cut too much off a tree you aren’t allowing the tree to absorb oxygen a delight. If you over prune you can kill the tree. Make sure you have a strategic approach to your trimming so you don’t end up cutting all the leaves off or accidentally harming the tree. 

Hire a Professional Tree Service for Tree Trimming in Columbia, Maryland

The best way to trim your tree is to hire someone to do it. Tree trimming professionals will know exactly what to do to get the shape and not harm your trees. Also, trimming can be dangerous. Using heavy tools and climbing up to trim trees can be very dangerous. Overall, it’s easier, not dangerous, and you will get the outcome if you want to hire someone to trim your trees. 

Interested in hiring a professional for your tree trimming in Columbia, Maryland? Call Ed’s Tree Service at 301-937-6269.