Tree Pruning Bethesda for the Spring Leaf Drop

If your trees are losing their leaves this spring, you may be in need of tree pruning Bethesda. 

Why is My Tree Losing Leaves this Spring?

Some trees such as Live Oak, Holly and Hickory naturally lose their leaves in the spring. While it is normal for these trees to experience the spring leaf drop, if you have another tree that is losing leaves, it may be infected with anthracnose and in need of tree pruning Bethesda.

Firstly, it is important to determine whether the leaves look healthy and green or brown and dead. If they are healthy and green, you’re likely looking at a tree that is naturally shedding its leaves in the spring. However, if the shredded leaves are brown and dead, it is more likely you’re looking at a tree with anthracnose.

What is Anthracnose?

Anthracnose is most common in the springtime, or in cool and damp conditions. Anthracnose is a general term used to describe fungal diseases that result in a range of symptoms for trees, including leaf drop. Anthracnose is most common in ash, maple and oak trees. Examples of different trees with anthracnose can be seen here.Tree Pruning Bethesda

How is Anthracnose treated with Tree Pruning Bethesda

Stressed trees and plants can have a difficult time recovering if they are not properly pruned and the infection worsens. While anthracnose can cause the tree’s leaves to drop in the springtime, the tree should be able to produce healthy leaves by summertime if the infection does not become worse. The best way to treat anthracnose is with tree pruning Bethesda. It is important to remove the diseased, fungus-infected branches of the tree so that the rest of the tree remains healthy. Professional tree pruning Bethesda can get your tree ready for the summer.

We look forward to helping you with your tree pruning Bethesda needs!