When You Need Emergency Tree Removal in Chevy Chase, Ed’s Tree Service is Here to Help

If you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need a tree removed in Chevy Chase, MD, Ed’s Tree Service experts are the ones to call. No matter how big or small, we’re here to help you.

3 Instances You Should Call for Emergency Tree Removal in Chevy Chase

  1. Your tree is diseased – Even if a tree looks healthy on the outside, it can be rotting from the inside and in danger of falling. If you think your tree may be diseased, make sure to get it inspected and removed to prevent property damage.
  2. Your tree was damaged by a storm – High winds and severe storms can damage even the healthiest trees. If you find yourself with a damaged tree or branch after a storm, it’s time to get those removed before they damage your property.
  3. Your tree base is weak – The roots of a tree are key players when it comes to stability. If you find any exposed roots that look rotted, weak, or diseased, call to have them inspected.

Choosing the Right Team for Your Emergency Tree Removal in Chevy Chase

Our team of tree removal experts is here for you in emergency situations. We have decades of experience with emergency tree removal and handle both small and large projects. Whether it’s a large branch that fell on your house or car during a storm or your suspect that big oak tree is in danger of coming down, we’re here to help.

Read a review from our recent customer:

“We used Ed’s Tree Service after a major storm. Alice came out promptly to give an estimate and was very helpful in my dealings with my insurance company. Kathy and Laura in the office were a pleasure to deal with. I’ll use them again.”

If you’re in need of emergency tree removal services, please call (301) 741-1314