Are You in Need of Emergency Tree Removal in Maryland?

Silver Spring emergency tree removalIf you’re in need of emergency tree removal due to a fallen tree or trees the experts at Ed’s Tree Service can help remove the tree safely. Our team of highly trained experts is fully licensed and insured. We’ll remove the tree with the utmost care and can even help you file an insurance claim. 

The Process of Emergency Tree Removal in MD

  1. Assessment and documentation of the damage– First we’ll assess the damage caused by the tree. If the tree has fallen across your driveway it will likely require less strategy to remove than if it falls on your house. We work carefully to identify the damage and figure out what needs to be done to remove the tree. We can also document the damage for your insurance company.
  2. Removal– Once we have a plan of action we can get the proper equipment in place to remove the tree. We work to carefully remove the tree without causing further damage to your property. 
  3. Clean up– After the tree has been removed we’ll clean up the area as much as possible so you aren’t left with additional debris around your property.
  4. Help with insurance– We can file a claim with your insurance directly. We know a fallen tree can be stressful for you and your family, we aim to make it as smooth as possible. By filing with your insurance company, you may be able to avoid out of pocket costs altogether and begin the path back to normalcy. 

Our Experience with Emergency Tree Removal 

We’ve been in the business of tree care for decades. Our team handles tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal. We’ve worked on both large and small scale projects with varying degrees of difficulty. We aim to achieve your complete satisfaction with our work and give you the yard you deserve. 

To schedule a consultation with one of our tree removal experts or request an emergency tree removal service in Maryland call 301-937-6269 or click here