Dangers of Dead Ash Trees: Professional Ash Tree Removal in Adelphi, Maryland

All along the east coast, people are seeing dead or dying ash tress as a result of the emerald ash borer infestation. It is important for the safety of yourself and your property that there is an expert for safe ash tree removal in Adelphi, Maryland.

Ash Tree Removal in Adelphi, MarylandHow to Know if You Need Ash Tree Removal in Adelphi, Maryland

You should have your ash tree professionally removed if you’re seeing symptoms of an infestation to stop the spread and ensure you abide by the quarantine and removal regulations.

Symptoms of ash tree damage include: 

  • Tree starts to show dead branches at the top of the canopy
  • Tree starts to show new branches and leaves growing at the base, or around the trunk
  • Tree starts to show vertical bark splits, under which you may be able to see the beetle larvae
  • Woodpecker feeding
  • Tree starts to show D-shaped or S-Shaped holes in the tree bark, from where the larvae emerge or feed

Frequently Asked Questions About the Emerald Ash Borer Infestation 

What does the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle look like?

  • EAB has two lifecycles, larvae and adult. Adult beetles are metallic green, flat on the back and about the size of one grain of cooked rice. Larvae are found feeding underneath the tree bark, they are cream-colored and have pincher-like appendages, they can be up to 1 ½ inches long

What Areas is Affected by the Ash Tree Epidemic?

  • Midwestern & North-Eastern States all the way from Texas to Maine have been affected, as well as parts of Ontario, Canada. The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle first arrived in Michigan, in 2002, and it has since spread to infect the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area since 2006-2007.

How Exactly Do These Tiny Beetles Destroy My Giant Ash Tree?

  • Adult beetles only nibble on foliage and cause little damage to ash trees. The real problem begins when they repopulate because the larvae live and feed on the inner bark of ash trees, which disrupts the ash tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients.

Hire an Expert for Proper Ash Tree Removal in Adelphi, Maryland 

Because the impact is so widespread the USDA to enforces quarantines and fines to prevent the spread of the EAB beetles. This is why it’s important to have a professional remove, and properly dispose of, an infected tree.

Hiring a professional firm like Ed’s Tree Service is the best way to properly handle ash tree removal in Adelphi, Maryland. If the tree is at its later stage in life, removal can be particularly important because it is much more susceptible to falling and damaging you or your property.

Once removed, it is also important to dispose of properly, which is why hiring a licensed and insured firm can ensure this is done correctly.

If you need to properly remove your dead or dying ash tree in Adelphi, Maryland, contact the professionals at Ed’s Tree Service today.  







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