Ash Tree Removal In Maryland

Did you know there is an Ash Tree epidemic? If you’ve been searching for the answers to why your Ash Tree is dying, how to remove your Ash Tree, and what to do to prevent damage, you have come to the right place at Ed’s Tree Service.

Collage of Ash Tree Removal, there are symptoms, a healthy tree, and a borer beetle

Removing Ash Trees In Maryland

Did you know trees get sick too? Recently, Ash Trees have had an outbreak of Ash Borer Beetles that damage and cause your tree to become sick. This results in your infected ash trees being removed for safety and health concerns.

What does Ash Tree Removal in Maryland Look Like?

Ash trees are very identifiable! Ed’s Tree Service is here to help you pick out the large Ash Tree’s in your backyard. Ash Trees are known to have the following:

  • Ash trees have leaves that are compound, which means they typically consist of 5-11 leaflets.
  • Ash trees will have opposite branching! This is where two branches stretch out from the first branch, parallel to one another.
  • When your Ash Tree has seeds present, they will appear in paddle-like clusters.
  • The bark of older ash trees tends to have a distinct diamond pattern and is typically very rough!
  • Young ash trees have very smooth bark.

How to Know if You Need Ash Tree Removal in Maryland

There are many symptoms of a damaged or infected Ash Tree. Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to Ed’s Tree Service, as we yearn to provide top-quality tree removal care. Some of the symptoms your Ash Tree may have are the following:

  • The tree starts to show dead branches, beginning at the top of the canopy.
  • New branches and leaves will start growing at the base of the tree, or around the trunk.
  • The Ash Tree will have vertical bark splits, under which you may be able to see the Borer beetle larvae.
  • You may see a woodpecker feeding, looking for a beetle.
  • You may see D-shaped exit holes in the tree bark, from where the larvae emerge.
  • There could ve S-shaped larvae galleries on the tree bark, winding back and forth, from larvae feeding on the tree.

How does Ed’s Tree Service Perform Ash Tree Removal in Maryland?

Ecologically, it is important to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. The USDA has very strict regulations for the quarantining and disposing of Ash Trees, as it is vital to ensure the tree disease does not spread. Removing Ash Trees can help eliminate this deadly disease.

With professional Ash Tree removal, you can be sure that these regulations are adhered to by Ed’s Tree Service. This is important because Emerald Ash Borer Beetles will continue to live in the wood of a dead tree.

Particularly if your infected tree is located along a yard or a street, it will likely pose a hazard to your family, your neighbors, or others, as it dies.

Ash trees are known for having very brittle wood, and a fallen tree can disrupt powerlines or damage your house or your neighbor’s house, potentially causing injury or leaving you liable for thousands in damage.

Where to find Ash Tree Removal in Maryland

Look no further for healthy tree care and Ash Tree removal than Ed’s Tree Service. Our tree care professionals want to help prevent the spreading of the epidemic caused by borer beetles on our native trees.

It’s important to stay vigilant in noticing your tree’s health, and Ed’s Tree Service is here to help. We are working to help end the Emerald Ash Borer infestation, that leads to necessary Ash Tree removal.

Ed’s Tree Service serves Maryland with all their tree care needs and will professionally and legally remove your damaged Ash Trees to ensure the ecosystem and your yard is in good hands.

To contact Ed’s Tree Service to remove your infected ash tree in Maryland, call 301-937-6269.