Rockville Tree Trimming

Summer is an excellent time for Rockville tree trimming for your trees and other plants.

Rockville tree trimming works to help your trees stay healthy and prepares them for harsh winter storms to come.

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Rockville Tree Trimming in the Summer

Summer is an ideal time of year for trimming your trees and other plants because removing dead or damaged limbs encourages new growth. It also keeps your trees and plants healthy which can prevent damage from future storms. Tree trimming increases sunlight and air penetration for your property and encourages new growth throughout your yard.

In addition to encouraging new growth, tree trimming is necessary for safety. Dead, damaged, or overgrown branches and limbs can pose hazards for you and your property. Tree trimming removes these hazards and prevents crowding between trees, which can lead to decay over time when the branches rub together.

What is included in Rockville Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is a process essential for the health of your trees as well as the safety of you and your property. Tree trimming includes a combination of processes which all work to remove dangerous or crowded limbs to increase safety, light, and air penetration for your property.

Rockville tree trimming services include:

  • Crown cleaning: Removes crowded, weak, dying, or dead branches from the crown.
  • Crown thinning: Removes certain branches in the crown to increase light and air penetration, reduce wind resistance, and prevent winter storm damage.
  • Crown elevating: Removes the lower limbs of the tree to increase visibility and provide clearance for walkways, vehicles or new structures.
  • Crown clearing: Removes limbs that interfere with structures on your property such as gutters, roofs, windows, or decks for increased visibility and safety.
  • Crown reduction: Reduces the overall size of the tree by reshaping the crown, usually necessary after storm damage.


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