Ed’s Tree Service Provides Quality Tree Service in Silver Spring, MD

Needing tree service in Silver Spring? Ed’s Tree Service can help!

We are a woman-owned, family-run small business. Alice and Ed founded Ed’s Tree Service to provide outstanding tree care to the Maryland community. Ed’s Tree Service has provided expert tree removal and tree care services to homeowners, commercial properties, and government properties since 1987.

We believe it’s important to provide a simple and seamless experience. With more than 15,000 satisfied customers over 30 years of experience, your satisfaction is our top concern.

When working in the tree industry, it’s important to be licensed and insured. Professionalism is one of our top priorities and we have the credentials to prove it. Alice holds our license (#557) and we can have the insurance company mail or fax a certificate of insurance verifying our liability and workman’s comp coverage if needed.

Tree Removal Services in Silver Spring, MD that keep your property beautiful and safe

At Ed’s Tree Service, our highly skilled team uses specialized technical equipment to remove your tree as safely and efficiently as possible. Our tree removal process is designed to protect people, structures, and landscaping from damage and injury.

Tree removal in Silver Spring MD front lawnReasons to remove a tree may be if the tree is:

  • dead or poses safety risks
  • growing into foundations or lifting sidewalks/driveways
  • getting in the way when building a new structure
  • growing too big for the area it was planted in
  • becoming a nuisance

Quick and effective emergency tree removal in Silver Spring

Trees and branches may fall on your property during severe weather. Our crews are specifically trained to assist immediately by removing trees from structures and objects with our various sized cranes.

You can expect us to contact your insurance agent, explain the situation, get approval, and bill your insurance company directly if possible to avoid out-of-pocket costs. Our tree removal cost estimates speed up payment authorization from your homeowner’s or business property insurance. Review these four general insurance guidelines when it comes to storm damage:

  1. Insurance policies typically cover all or part of the cost to remove trees or branches from your home or other structure/building.
  2. Insurance policies do not cover trees and branches that fall on lawns, driveways, or bushes.
  3. If your healthy tree or its branches fall on a neighbor’s property during a storm you are not responsible for the damage. The neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance will cover clean-up and repairs to their property.
  4. If your dead tree or its branches fall on a neighbor’s property, you will be held responsible for the damages due to negligence. Protect your financial well-being by removing dead trees and dead branches. Keep healthy trees pruned to avoid property damage or bodily injury.

*Your coverage may differ; review your specific policy coverage to confirm or contact your insurance provider if you have questions.

Silver Spring, MD Stump Removal Services to finish the job

The stump that remains after a tree falls or is removed can be unsightly and dangerous. Ed’s Tree Service removes stumps with little to no disruption to the surrounding yard. We aim to leave your yard beautiful and hazard-free.

It’s our environmentally friendly practice to let the resulting mulch replenish your soil once the stump has been removed. We have the right skills, machines, equipment, and expertise to remove your stump efficiently and effectively.

Tree Pruning Services in Silver Spring

Tree PruningTree trimming and tree pruning are essential for the health and safety of your trees. When trees are pruned properly, it helps to prevent damages to property or people by increasing airflow. This will lessen the possibility of damage from a storm.

Our tree services in MD include:

  • crown cleaning
  • thinning
  • raising/elevating
  • clearing
  • reduction
  • wound assessment

By investing in these services, you will be able to remove dead branches, keep limbs from damaging roofs and gutters, prevent crowding and rubbing branches, reduce safety hazards and increase light and air penetration.

Keep your trees healthy with Tree Fertilization

Most tree owners don’t realize how important it is to fertilize their trees. Micronutrients are vital to avoid malnourished trees. Trees contend with other organisms over pollution and soil depletion during the course of their long lives. Fertilization can give them the boost they need to stay strong and healthy.

We use the Mauget Tree Injection Process. This liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the sap wood at the base of your tree. We use a Stemix micro-injector to deliver a mineral formula designed to stimulate growth of the tree foliage, trunk, and root system.

We drill a small hole (only 3/16 of an inch in diameter and no deeper than ¾ of an inch) every 6 inches around the base of the tree to insert the fertilizer capsules. Because the puncture wounds are tiny, the tree recovers quickly and the nutrients are efficiently absorbed into the tree’s sap stream and circulated throughout the tree. We recommend watering the tree when it is injected to help the process along.

If you’re in need of tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, emergency tree removal, stump removal, or tree fertilization, call Ed’s Tree Service today at 301-937-6269 or visit our Contact Us page