Looking for a Tree Removal Company in Bethesda MD?

tree removal companyTrees are a wonderful source of shade, an excellent addition for curb appeal, and provide the air we breathe. However, there are occasions where trees no longer serve their purpose, or even pose a threat to your home, and need to be removed. If you’re in need of tree removal on your property, the experts at Ed’s Tree Service can help. 

Why You May Need a Bethesda Tree Removal Company

Tree removal can be a dangerous job and no matter how many DIY home improvement projects you’ve completed, tree removal is certainly a job best left to the experts. There are several reasons people wish to have a tree, or trees, removed from their property including:

  • The tree has died– Whether your tree is dead or dying it can be a major threat to your home, surrounding structures, and loved ones. A dead tree can lose its branches in a storm, strong wind, and sometimes even a light breeze. To avoid the tree damaging anything in its path when it does fall, it’s best to have it removed before a larger problem occurs. 
  • The tree is causing damage– Tree roots can spread far from the base of the tree causing damage to your sidewalks, driveway, or foundation of your home. Even if the tree is perfectly healthy, it may be causing more harm than good and should be removed before it can cause further damage to your home. 
  • The tree is too large– We’ve seen it time and time again. Sometimes trees are planted in areas that are simply too small for them or the tree ended up growing larger than expected. Either way, the tree is too large for the area it’s in. This is another case where it can be difficult for the property owner to part with the tree if it’s perfectly healthy but eventually, the health of the tree may suffer from being in an area too small for it and need to be removed anyway. 
  • The tree is in the way– When property owners wish to expand their home, build a new structure, or completely redo their landscaping there may be a tree or two in the way. We can safely remove the tree for you so that it is no longer in the way and you use the space as needed. 

What to Look For From a Tree Removal Company in Bethesda, MD

When you decided it’s time to have trees removed, it’s best to contact professionals. You’ll want to find experts who are fully licensed and insured and can get the job done, such as the experts at Ed’s Tree Service. We have decades of experience and thousands of happy customers. We offer free estimates of work and can make recommendations as needed so you know what to expect beforehand. 

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