What is the Process For Stump Removal in Bethesda?

Do you have unsightly tree stumps in your yard that you want to get rid of? Not to worry, Ed’s Tree Service provides stump removals, small and large, in the Maryland area of Bethesda.

Types Of Stump Removals, Bethesda

If a tree falls in your yard or happens to be removed, the remaining stump can often be unattractive. Tree stumps can become an eyesore in the yard, a hassle when landscaping, a distraction, or even a hazard. That’s why Ed’s Tree Service helps our clients remove any unwanted tree stumps all while making sure there is minimum disruption to the surrounding yard.

In order to effectively remove a tree stump, there will be different processes and machinery depending on the stump size. A large tree stump often requires a larger removal machine, while the smaller may require another.

Bethesda MD Stump Removal Machines

As a professional tree service company, tree stump removal is all part of our services. Other services include tree pruning, tree trimming, general tree care, emergency tree removal, tree removal, ash borer tree removal, tree fertilization, etc.

As licensed and insured tree professionals in Bethesda, MD we make sure the stump removal is efficient and effective. This requires several steps as it is our environmentally friendly mission w to replenish your yard’s soil. However, if you prefer, we can haul the mulch away from the removal and replace it with topsoil and seed for an additional charge.

Our tree experts will assess your unique situation and will determine which removal machine is necessary. The stump removal machines are key to effectively grind stumps into mulch.

Large and Small Stump Removals in Bethesda

For large stump removals, our machines will arrive at your property by a tailored truck. Our driver will then carefully back the truck and machine across your property to reach the stump, then grind the said stump to 12 inches below the surface. This will then effectively destroy the root ball.

The smaller stump machines differ in comparison to the large machines, as they are self-propelled and do not need to be moved into place. The machines are also designed to fit through 36-inch-wide openings and will grind smaller stumps down 2-6 inches below the surface.

If needed, we can grind larger areas to remove unsightly or annoying surface roots as well.

For both processes, once we grind the stump into mulch, we will use that said mulch to fill back up the newly made hole. Again, if preferred, we will remove the ground stump mulch and replace it with topsoil and seed for an additional charge.

When the professionals at Ed’s Tree Service remove a stump, you can trust that we will be thorough, respect your Bethesda property, and provide superior service from start to finish.

Bethesda Stump Removal, Reviews

Our tree services, including tree stump removal, have been highly rated in the Bethesda, Maryland area and beyond.

Whether you need a tree trimmed, a tree cut down, or are having emergency issues due to storm damage, Ed’s Tree Service is here to assist. We offer free estimates to our customers, as we can help assess what needs to be done at what cost.

We’re professionals on-site and off and are proud of our reputation of exceptional customer service for promptly returning phone calls, setting appointments, and providing high-quality tree care when you need it.

Customers have said:

“Ed’s Tree Service will be highly recommended by me to anyone that needs tree work. I can’t say enough about your great customer service. “

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