Look No Further for a Professional Tree Removal Service in Kensington, MD

Tree Removal Service in Kensington, MDProper tree care is essential for the health of your trees and the safety of your lawn. If you have problem trees that are no longer healthy, or just need to be removed, call the Kensington, MD professional tree removal experts at Ed’s Tree Service.

Reasons to Hire a Tree Removal Service in Kensington, MD

  • Your tree is dead– It’s not always easy to spot a dead or dying tree, but they can certainly pose a threat to you and your surrounding structures. These trees can fall at any time and threaten damage to anything below.
  • Your tree is too large– Trees sometimes outgrow the area they’re planted in and need to be removed.
  • Your tree is in the way– Building a new structure or have one or more trees that are in the way? We can help you remove trees no matter the reason so that you can build a new shed, mow the grass easier, or put up a new fence.
  • Your tree’s roots are a nuisance– Tree roots can grow up through sidewalks and driveways, making them unstable. We’ll remove the tree and roots, so they’re no longer in your way or ruining your property.

Choose a Professional MD Tree Removal Service

You might think that tree removal is something you can do yourself, but it can be extremely dangerous if done improperly. Our experts will give you a free estimate for the job before starting work, so you know just how much it will cost, and you’ll know it’s done right since we’re fully licensed and insured.

We’ve been in the business of tree removal for decades and are committed to personal service resulting in your complete satisfaction.

Call us today at 301-937-6269 for a free estimate, or reach out online and learn more about Kensington tree removal services.







Kensington, MD is home to just over 2,000 people and has a median household income of roughly $165,000.