Stump Removal Rockville, MD

Don’t Risk Injury: Leave Stump Removal to the Pros in College Park, MD

Are you tired of seeing unsightly tree stumps in your front yard? It’s time to take action and get them removed. Ed’s Tree Service provides stump removal, large or small, for College Park, Maryland.  What is stump removal in College Park, MD, and how does it work? Stump removal involves using heavy machinery to remove […]

A man cutting down a tree Hyattsville Maryland

Spring Tree Service | Hyattsville, Maryland

Have you been looking at your yard and wondering what to do with that dead tree, ugly stump, and/or that one tree that covers your vegetable garden? If so, you are in need of tree service in Hyattsville, Maryland.  5 reasons you need spring tree service in Hyattsville, Maryland: You have dead trees in your yard. […]

Tree Maintenance in front yard

Do You Need Tree Maintenance?

What tree maintenance should I be doing to have the most beautiful, healthy trees in the summer? Of course, you want a beautiful yard and healthy trees, but where do you even start with tree maintenance? Ed’s Tree Service offers three main types of tree maintenance to help you get the shady, relaxing backyard of […]