Tree Fertilization, Image of fertilizers in tree stump

Why You Need Professional Tree Fertilization in Gaithersburg, MD

Tree care professionals know the importance of fertilizing your trees to keep them healthy and long-living, but do you know why it’s necessary? Ed’s Tree Service is here to keep you well informed and in the know. Tree Fertilization in Gaithersburg, MD : What is it? Fertilizer is a natural or chemical substance that can […]

Silver Spring Stump Removal

Stump Removal: DIY or Call the Professionals?

Stump removal can drastically improve the look of your lawn. An old stump can be a massive eyesore on your property and ruin your curb appeal. But, when it comes to removing a stump is it best to try and DIY or to call a professional tree care service to handle the job? The Process […]