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Your Neighborhood Tree Care Experts in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Ed’s Tree Service: Trusted Tree Care in Gaithersburg, MD for Over 30 Years Ed’s Tree Service has been a beacon of quality tree care in Maryland since 1987, providing expert services to homeowners, commercial properties, and government establishments in Gaithersburg and other Maryland communities. Founded by Alice and Ed, our tree service company has had […]

Ed's Tree Service removing a tree

Tree Maintenance Services in Gaithersburg, MD: How to Save a Dying Tree

Tips and Techniques for Tree Maintenance in Gaithersburg Pruning: Cutting off the already dead branches on your tree, which can be entry points, bugs, or fungus. You want to remove those branches to prevent spreading throughout the tree.  Watering your tree the right amount: If a tree hasn’t received enough water or is oversaturated, fixing […]